Press release: Parliament still without a clear framework for participating in accession negotiations

The draft Resolution on the process, the quality and dynamics of integration of Montenegro to the European Union does not recognize the need for more active involvement of the Parliament in this process, does not define the modalities that would allow for this, nor the principles of relations and communication of the Government and Parliament in the negotiations process.

Many months of the working group’s activities, consultations with civil society, suggestions from interested parties regarding a number of models that would contribute to a better position of the Parliament in the process of negotiations have not made any progress in this direction. The text of the draft resolution does not bring any progress in ensuring that the Parliament will provide an active contribution to the process.

The form of resolution suggests it is not a proper sort of document to define these issues, but that should definitely determine the position of Parliament in the negotiations. Provisions that continue to prolong effective supervision over the activities of the executive branch in the negotiation process are especially worrying, because a clear framework for cooperation is not defined, nor inter-institutional model established.

The Parliament decide to go for a model of considering negotiating positions in the Committee for European Integration, marginalizing the role of other committees. This is done at closed sessions, which is not helping the Parliament to fulfill its role in “informing the citizens about the integration process”, which is mentioned in the draft resolution, nor intensive cooperation with civil society and the representatives of other branches of government.

We expect the Committee for European Integration to enhance the text of the Resolution by defining the relationship between the Government and the Parliament in the negotiation process, the obligation of intensive reporting to the Parliament on the fulfillment of obligations under the Action Plans for Chapter 23, and 24, and the conditions for progress in negotiations the other chapters.

Research Coordinator

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