Civil society proposals for the work of the State Audit Institution

Insititute Alternative (IA) has submitted Its own and proposals from partner organizations for external audit in the next year; we request control of the optimization of the public sector, confidential public procurement, the University of Montenegro, social work centers and procurement and delivery of aids for people with disabilities.

The contribution to the preparation of the 2019 Annual Audit Plan of the State Audit Institution is reflected in five proposals by non-governmental organizations on topics and institutions that should be subject to the supervision in the next year.

SAI should be involved in the control of the implementation of Montenegro’s Public Administration Optimization Plan 2018-2020, since it is a strategic document that covers almost the entire public sector. Implementation of this plan, among other things, will condition further payments of the sector budget support of the European Union (EU), which has been agreed in the total amount of 15 million euro.

Citizens also do not have any insight into the plans and reports of confidential procurement from the Ministry of Defense and the National Security Agency. As these documents are not available upon request for free access to information or are marked as secret, the SAI is the only institution that can make public expenditure on confidential procurements more transparent.

University of Montenegro is in minus for dozens of million euros. This, coupled with the fact that the last audit report on the University of Montenegro was made in 2009, are some of the key reasons why the Center for Civic Education (CCE) suggested that the SAI should include the University in the audit plan.

Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro (AYDM) also pointed out that by including social work centers, the SAI would mark a decade of the last control of these consumer units, which are extremely significant in terms of the amount of funds they have, but also because of frequent suspicions of work irregularities.

AYDM also believes that control of the contracts, procurement and delivery of aids for persons with disabilities between the Health Insurance Fund and enterprise “Rudo Montenegro” should be carried out. Otherwise, doubts about potential political and other misuses of these funds remain justified.

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