Ivana Bogojević

Public policy researcher

Ivana has been working at IA as a researcher within accountable public finances, since November 2014. Her work focuses on local budgets, and accountability of local municipalities within this area. Through project activities she has been researching the work of State Audit Institution in Montenegro, focusing on strengthening its capacities, especially with regard to communication with civil society.

She is one of the authors of the study on Freedom of Assembly in Montenegro, within the project Monitoring freedom of assembly in the Western Balkans, the study “Monitoring the rule of law in Montenegro”, within the project Monitoring and evaluation of the rule of law in the Western Balkans, and study “Assessment of Police integrity in Montenegro”, within the project Western Balkans Pulse for Police Integrity and Trust – POINTPULSE. She is editor of the portal Moj grad (My town).

She has successfully attended a training entitled “Public policy making and advocacy” organized by CRNVO. As a trainee she worked in Montenegrin Science Promotion Foundation – PRONA, after graduating from Faculty of political science, International relations. During studies, she was a member and later president of the Montenegrin Association of Political Science Students and involved in the work on the first student Internet portal Tragom.me. Under the sponsorship of Integrity Association (which she was a member of), Open Society Foundation and NGO CeMI she was one of the authors of the policy study „Academic fraud – How to step out of the vicious circle?“

Contact: ivana@institut-alternativa.org