Regional Anti-Corruption Report – Assesment of Southeast Europe

Stevo Muk and Dina Bajramspahić participated in the two-day SELDI Regional Conference on Good Governance and Anti-corruption Policy Challenges, held in Tirana on 13-14 November this year.

The conference was organized by SELDI (Southeast Leadership for Development and Integrity) initiative, in cooperation with the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI), which is one of the members of SELDI.

Given the great importance of the issue of corruption in the region of Southeast Europe, the main goal of the event was contributing to the promotion of dialogue between Civil Society and the countries in the Region, with the intention of successfully identifying effective anti-corruption measures.

State representatives and non-governmental organizations representatives from Southeast Europe as well as international experts discussed the main conclusions and findings of the analysis of the national policies implementation to combat corruption and pointed out the key problem.

On the first day of the conference SELDI presented its Regional Anti-Corruption Report- Anti-Corruption Reloaded: Assessment of Southeast Europe, which summarizes the conclusions from the national analysis of SELDI members, as well as data from sociological studies conducted in nine SEE countries.

The second day of the conference was dedicated to anti-corruption models through risk assessment, with particular emphasis on the analysis of legislation and best practice in this area.

The report in its entirety is available here

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