Conference on Energy Security in Sofia

Stevo Muk, president of the Managing Board of Institute Alternative, participated on international conference dedicated to energy security, organized by leading organization of SELDI network, Bulgarian Center for Study of Democracy.

On Monday, 27 October 2014, the Center for the Study of Democracy organized an international conference, dedicated to the energy security and state capture risks in Europe after the NATO Summit in Walls.

A particular focus of the event was placed on the corruption risk assessment in the energy sector and the possible policy options for improvement of the sector’s governance. The conference contributed to promoting the energy security dialogue in the alliance’s member and partner countries. The conference gathered leading EU and Black Sea Region policy-makers, government officials and civil society organizations.

On Tuesday, 28 October 2014, the SELDI initiative organized a seminar dedicated to CSO executive management and development, and SELDI Steering Committee Meeting. During the meeting, the effects of the current and upcoming activities were discussed.

Representatives from the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) discussed the implementation of the SEE2020 Strategy and Regional Programming on Anti-corruption through Public-Private Partnerships.

The next activity of The SELDI Network will be a Regional Conference on Good Governance and Anti-corruption Policy Challenges in Tirana, Albania on 13-14 November 2014.

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