Procurement in the Security and Defence Sector: New “Game Rules”, Same Issues

Institute Alternative (IA) is organising the public discussion “Procurement in the security and defence sector: New “game rules”, same issues”, that will be held on February 3rd, starting at 10am, hotel Hilton (Princess Jelena Hall),

During the panel discussion we will present a policy brief ‘’Procurement in the security and defence sector; New ‘game rules’’, same issues’’, as an overview of developments in this area in the past two years, for how long it has been since we published our analysis “Confidential Procurement in Montenegro: Far from Public’s Control’’.

The analysis is in the draft stage and its key findings will be represented at the public discussion. We organise it as a forum for discussion in regard to this topic, but also as a possibility to hear suggestions of key policy makers in the sector of public procurement, defence and security in regard to its content. Taking into u account all of the participants’ and discussants’ comments, we will finalise and publish the analysis after the event.

Given the current epidemiological conditions and the recommended measures to combat the Covid 19 virus epidemic, we are organising this event in the so-called hybrid format. Participants will be able to follow the panel discussion from the Princess Jelena Hall, but also through the Zoom application.

Link for joining panel discussion through Zoom 

Agenda, Security and Defence Procurement- New “game rules”, same issues

Public discussion is organised within the project ‘’For the better use of public money’’. The project is financially supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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