Panel discussion: Is the depoliticisation of the intelligence sector possible?

Institute Alternative is organising a panel discussion “Is the depoliticisation of the intelligence sector possible? – Regional Perspective”, to discuss Montenegrin as well as regional experience of the intelligence sector reform.

After “The Bomb” affair in North Macedonia, that uncovered the illegal wiretapping of 20,000 citizens, comprehensive legal and institutional reforms under the auspices of European and Euro-Atlantic integration have begun.

On the other side, reform of the intelligence sector in Serbia is one of the benchmarks within Chapter 24, in the context of negotiations with the European Union.

During the panel discussion, the following issues will be discussed :

  • What can we learn from the example of security services misuse in North Macedonia? What questions are raised in working on reforms? What are the new legislative changes and what progressive solutions have been adopted?
  • What is the role of the intelligence sector in Serbia in the state capturing? What do examples of practice tell us? What are the consequences of too strong links between agencies and politicians ?
  • How to strengthen parliamentary oversight , internal control and independent institutions and and how to provide democratic and civilian control of the work of the services?

Answers to these questions will be offered by:

• Magdalena Lembovska, Center of European Strategies – EUROTHINK, North Macedonia

• Predrag Petrović, Belgrade Center for Security Policy, Serbia

• Dina Bajramspahić, IA, will talk about Montenegrin intelligence sector reform and she will also moderate the discussion.

The panel discussion will be held on Thursday, December 5, at the CentreVille Hotel, starting at 5am.

This discussion is supported by the European Fund for The Balkans through the project “Watching the Watchers: Towards Accountable Intelligence Services in the Western Balkans” which is jointly implemented by Belgrade Center for Security Policy from Serbia, the Center for European Strategies – EUROTHINK from North Macedonia and the Institute Alternative from Montenegro.

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