Meeting with Director of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption

President of the Managing Board at the Institute Alternative (IA), Stevo Muk, and Ana Đurnić public policy researcher at Institute Alternative, held a meeting with Jelena Perović, the new Director of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption.

IA representatives expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision making of the former management in cases that IA initiated in Agency, especially in the field of conflict of interest, as well as expectation that bias decision making will not stand in the way of Agency’s efficiency. It was concluded that in terms of legislation in the areas that Agency deals with, there is room for improvement, and that they are not as bad as their application has been so far.

The Agency’s decisions in the cases initiated by IA so far, which we are currently reviewing in Administrative Court, are a chance for the new management to make a change from the politicised behaviour of the previous one.

IA representatives addressed several recommendations to the Director’s future work regarding the improvement of public official’s income reports control, conduction of analysis of compliance of regulations on conflict of interest with the Law on Prevention of Corruption, proactive disclosure of opinions which Agency provides at the request of public officials in case of suspicion of a conflict of interest regarding limitations when preforming public functions.

At the meeting, the practice of Offence Courts which do not publish judgements concerning public officials who violated the Law on Prevention of Corruption was problematised, and we have recommended to the Agency to publish misdemeanour warrants issued directly on the same basis.

As conclusion of the meeting, Director Perović said that she will get acquainted with the cases and initiatives by the Institute Alternative, so communication and cooperation will continue accordingly.

The meeting took place on October 14, via ZOOM app, and on behalf of Agency beside Director, meeting was attended by Dušan Drakić, Head of Sector for implementation of control measures in financing of political entities and election campaigns, and Goran Durutović, Head of Department for Education, Research Campaigns and Analytics.

More information on individual cases initiated by the IA to the Agency is available below:

  1.  Zoran Jelić and Prva banka: (second lawsuit on 9 March before Administrative Court)
  2. Zoran Jelić and mysterious payment of 13.000 EUR:
  3. Predrag Bošković and handball: (lawsuit before Administrative Court 16 October 2019.)
  4. Vukčević i Medenica and the selection of candidates for judges of Basic Courts: (along with HRA, MANS and CCE)

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