Local Finances, Optimisation and Covid19

Old question – Do municipalities exist to provide services to citizens or for some people there to receive salaries and parties to buy votes?

The answer was sought in the Relfektor show on TV Vijesti, where Marko Sošić was a guest. There were interesting things, for example:

    • How did the Municipality of Pljevlja functioned “quite well” without 20-30% of employees due to isolation measures during this year
    • How will Tivat reduce the number of employees by 55 in one go through reorganisation after the change of government; How the new Government found piles of unpaid invoices worth millions in drawers
    • How will you pay higher water and utility bills next year due to too many employees; How much money do the municipalities actually have and can the problem be solved by constantly pouring more money into the local level

Watch the entire TV show:


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