Institute Alternative established its Advisory Board

Since 2007, Institute Alternative, working as a scientific-research center, contributes to the improvement of public policy in Montenegro, acting within its main fields (public administration, parliamentary program, accountable public finances, security and defense). Numerous studies, public policy proposals, participation in working groups are behind us. We are continuously working on improving our own research capacity, research agenda and network of external consultants and experts. In this regard, we have established Advisory Board that consists of prominent experts in the field of our activities. The primary objective of this body is to offer opinions and guidelines towards defining our annual work program and research agenda.

The members of Advisory Board are:

  • Prof. dr Florian Bieber, Professor at University of Graz
  • Dr Katarina Ott, Director of the Institute for Public Finances, Zagreb
  • Sonja Stojanović Gajić, Director of Belgrade Center for Security Studies
  • Natasha Wunsch, associate fellow at Oppenheim Center within German
  • Council for Foreign Affairs (DGAP), PhD candidate at London University
  • Munir Podumljak, President of the Partnership for Social Development, Zagreb
  • Dr Kristie Evenson, independent researcher and evaluator in the fields of democratization and civil society development
  • Prof. dr Ivan Koprić, Professor at the Faculty of Law at University of Zagreb and President of the Institute for Public Administration
  • Kristof Bender, Deputy President of the European Stability Initiative (ESI).

The Advisory Board will assist in establishing strategic partnerships and contribute to greater visibility of Institute Alternative.


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