Founding of Institute Alternative

In Podgorica, non-governmental organization “Institute Alternative” is founded.

Institute Alternative intends to contribute to the development of democracy, rule of law and human rights through analyzing public policies, monitoring and reporting on the work of public institutions in Montenegro.

Institute Alternative will significantly contribute to the analysis and monitoring of public policy and public institutions in Montenegro.

Institute Alternative will also prepare analyses of the cases indicative for the functioning of the system in specific areas.

The founders of Institute are jurists, economists, political scientists, PhD candidates at domestic and foreign universities.

The Institute Alternative was founded by Vera Šćepanović, Daliborka Uljarević, Stevo Muk, Aleksandar Saša Zeković i Maja Vujašković. In the following period, the Managing board of the Institute will nominate Advisory Council and executive director.

The first research of the Institute will be about the public administration with focus on salary schemes, reward system and opportunities for professional advancement in law and in practice. The research is supported by Foundation Open Society Institute, Representative Office in Montenegro.

Institute will constantly work on expanding the web of senior and temporary associates and strengthening its capacities. In that intent, cooperation with European Initiative for Stability, non-profit research institute with offices in Wiena, Brussels and Istanbul, and also with numerous think tank organizations in region and EU, was established.

Stevo Muk
the president of Managing board