Lobbying instead of analysis


New edition of Centre for Civic Education’s “EU Pulse” brings an article on public-private partnerships written by Institute Alternative’s senior research associate Jovana Marović, entitled “Lobbying instead of analysis”. EU Pulse can be found on…→

Fear and happiness


The latest survey of public opinion “Balkan Monitor” conducted by the agency Gallup Europe in the Western Balkans, organized by the European Fund for the Balkans, has shown a worrying trend in terms of freedom…→

Parliamentary oversight


The process of adopting the Law on Parliamentary Oversight of the Security and Defense Sector demands the attention of MPs, international organizations, civil society and the public in general. It should not be allowed that…→

Public-Private Partnerships in Montenegro


Download the publication: Public-Private Partnerships in Montenegro Accountability, transparency and efficiency Although the cooperation between the public and the private sector in developing infrastructural sites dates back to the eighteenth century, it has reached its global…→