Stevo Muk in the Podcast “European Talks”

Winds of change in Montenegro: What to expect in the next period?

The recent elections in Montenegro suggest that major changes could soon take place in the country in the Western Balkans. Montenegro has opened all chapters in the process of negotiations with the EU, but how far has the enlargement process really progressed and what can be expected in the coming period when it comes to the EU accession process, but also with the political climate in the country? – These are just some of the questions that President of Managing Board at Institute Alternative, Stevo Muk, commented in the podcast “European Talks” for the European Policy Centre.

In this podcast you may find answers/comments on the following:

  • ‘Bridging the divisions among Montenegro’ was one of the phrases that was very often mentioned in the last couple of weeks. What kind of divisions are these leaders referring to and how dangerous these divisions were?
  • Women’s (non) participation in talks and negotiations between three political parties which will form the new Government?
  • What will be the main challenges for the new Government?
  • What will be the behaviour of the DPS in foreseeable future?

Listen the podcast here:

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