Workshop on Staged Accession Model to the EU

A two-day workshop that brought together partners and experts from the region and Brussels was held this week, 30-31 January, in Belgrade, organised by European Policy Center (CEP).

Representatives of the Institute Alternative, Milena Muk and Dragana Jaćimović, participated in the two-day workshop whose purpose was to discuss the policy papers produced within the initiative on the further development of the Staged accession model. 

The workshop’s main objective was to further develop the Staged accession model using the perspectives of all project partners. For this purpose, drafts of national papers on the application of the model in each of the countries of the Western Balkans were presented and discussed at the workshop.

The workshop additionally enabled experts to get to know each other personally, present their ideas and discuss various topics, with the aim of further improving national papers. During breakout sessions, topics of special interest to all countries of the region were covered.

This Initiative is implemented by the Institute Alternative, together with European Policy Center (CEP) from Belgrade, Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Brussels, Foreign Policy Initiative, Sarajevo and European Policy Institute (EPI) from Skopje, with the support of Open Society Foundation (OSF).

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