Workshop at Hertie School of Governance

Researchers at Institute alternative, Marko Sošić and Jovana Marović have participated in a two – day training organized by Hertie Shcool of governance from Berlin. The workshop has been held within the framework of the Regional Research Promotion Program in the Western Balkans (RRPP), the project “Policy Evaluation and Performance Audit – On the Same or Parallel Tracks?” on 9 and 10 of February 2015.

The workshop was devised by a team of professionals of the Hertie School of Governance within the academic mentoring in this project. Besides the representatives of Institute alternative, representatives of the two other TEN Network members – Centre for European Policy (CEP) from Belgrade and European Policy Institute (EPI) from Skopje. The participants have worked on promoting qualitative research methodology, as well as on training for introduction of quantitative research techniques for collecting data and complementing research.

More about the research project Policy Evaluation and Performance Audit – On the Same or Parallel Tracks? and about TEN Network you can find on following links:–On-the-Same-or-Parallel-Tracks-.html

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