Whose door should state auditors knock on?

Consultations of the SAI and civil society

when: December 9th, 11am
where: ZOOM platforma i IA Facebook page


We are organising civil society consultations with the Senate of the State Audit Institution (SAI) in anticipation of the development of the annual audit plan for 2021.

Members of the SAI Senate will talk to representatives of civil society, as part of their work for preparing an audit plan for the next year. The goal is to give them our suggestions, give explanations to questions or dilemmas, but also to hear and endure criticism. In addition to the members of the Senate, the meeting will be monitored by the state auditors themselves, so they will have an opportunity to get better acquainted with the views of the citizens.

According to the Communication Strategy adopted by the SAI this year, one of the goals is better cooperation with civil society and citizens, with regular meetings, which at our initiative this year is linked to the audit planning process.

Follow us live on our Facebook page, listen to the discussion and write to us if you have question or you want to give suggestions to state auditors.


The meeting is organised as part of a project implemented by the Institute Alternative with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway and the Balkan Fund for Democracy (BTD), entitled “Strengthening the supervision of public finances in Montenegro”.

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