TV Show “Reflector”

Decision of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption and Dismissal of Ćalović Marković – continuation of the fight against Government critics?

Ana Đurnić, Public Policy Researcher in IA, was a guest in the TV Vijesti Show “Reflector”. The topic was “APC decision and dismissal Ćalović Marković – continuation of the fight against those with opposing views?”. 

Some of the issues discussed during the show were: why is the Anti-Corruption Committee rushed to dismiss Ćalović-Marković instead of waiting for the decision of the Administrative Court, what kind of messages do such decisions of the Anti-Corruption Agency (APC) and parliament committees send, have Montenegrin institutions been in “fighting mode” against the Government critics for almost a full year, etc.

One of the topics that we shed light on during the show is what kind of image of non-governmental organizations and their activities the Government tries to present to citizens, and how do the negative messages of the highest state officials about the Montenegrin media and non-governmental organizations affect the institutions. One of the issues discussed was whether these messages were the cause of the ongoing persecution of the Government critics by the Montenegrin institutions, primarily APC and parliament committees, since September 2017.

Besides Ana, guests in the studio were Vanja Ćalović Marković, Executive Director of NGO MANS and analyst, Boris Marić.

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