TV Show: Participation of citizens and NGOs in public administration reform

President of the Managing Board of Institute Alternative, Stevo Muk, was a guest on the show Club A on Atlas TV. The topic of the show was participation of citizens and NGOs in the preparation of key strategic and policy documents, focusing on the Public Administration Reform Strategy.

IA, as he said, researches the topic of public administration since its inception, paying particular attention to transparency and participatory process. He added that this deficiency is recognized as a systemic problem when it comes to the public policy planning in Montenegro.

“We in Institute Alternative, often say that this strategy, that is its draft, lacks human face”, Stevo emphasized, alluding to the fact that citizens are not involved in its preparation, although this reform is being developed for them and concerns them the most.

Moreover, Stevo spoke about the thin line between party and state administration: “Even this strategy has failed to tackle the problem of non-existing merit-based system of recruitment and promotion in the civil service,” he concluded.

Video hosting the show Club A can be viewed at the link below:

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