Training on employment and selection in state administration

Our project associate, Milena Janketić, attended the training on “Recruitment and Selection”, held at RESPA (Regional School of Public Administration) on Wednesday, 10th July.

The training was organized by the Hungarian consulting company AAM Consulting, in order to build the institutional capacities of HRMA (Human Resources Management Authority) for the new Law on Civil Servants and State Employees implementation.

Institute Alternative monitors the implementation of the new Law on Civil Servants and State Employees since the start of 2013, as part of the project “Recruitment and Promotion in State Administration.” We believe that the training on recruitment and selection of HRMA, is of importance for the effective implementation of the new law, which should lead to employment and promotion based on merits in the public administration.

Anne Randvali, graduate psychologist with a master in the field of organizational behavior, led the educational training. Employees from different sectors of HRMA, were able to learn through practical exercises (interviewing, definition of recruitment), how to efficiently execute selection of candidates who applied for work in the civil service.

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