Training: Monitoring and evaluation of policies under Chapter 23

Our researchers Dina Bajramspahić and Marko Sošić participated in the training for monitoring and evaluation of policies under Chapter 23, which was held in Bitola, Macedonia. On this occasion, they presented the experience of Montenegrin civil society in the process of accession negotiations at the special side event.

Training “Monitoring and Evaluation of Policies under Chapter 23″ was organized in the framework of the project “Network 23″, which is lead by the European Policy Institute (EPI) from Skopje. It was held from October 31 to November 2.

The aim of this project is to contribute to achieving greater participation of civil society in monitoring the state of affairs in the areas under Chapter 23 in Macedonia.

The project is financed by the EU and implemented in partnership with the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in the Republic of Macedonia and Center for Change Management.

Besides Institute Alternative, associates from the region are European Policy Centre from Belgrade and European Institute Foundation from Sofia.

IA representatives spoke at the special panel dedicated to analyzing the course of the negotiation process and opportunities for NGOs to participate. Dina presented the work of the Montenegrin Coalition for Monitoring Negotiations under Chapter 23, while Marko presented the participation of individuals – NGO representatives in the work of the working groups for monitoring negotiations.

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