The Ministry of the Interior should prepare a human resource plan for the next year

The Ministry of the Interior of Montenegro has not fulfilled the legal obligation to submit the Human Resource Plan in the past three years, as, despite several government conclusions instructing the authorities that have not done so to submit drafts of human resource plans, it has not prepared plans for the years 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Due to the absence of a Human resource plan, positions in the category of high-level management within the Ministry of the Interior and the Police Administration have been filled by appointing acting officials, whose mandates have been repeatedly extended.

During this period, the Ministry of the Interior conducted internal competitions and public advertisements with the consent of the Ministry of Finance to fill positions that were not envisaged in the human resource plan, even though the prerequisite for invoking this exception is that the human resource plan has been prepared.

Since it is a legal obligation to adopt the human resource plan within 30 days from the day of adopting the Budget Law, we call on the Ministry of the Interior of Montenegro to timely prepare this document, which provides information on the current number of employees on a fixed-term and indefinite-term basis, new hirings of officials and employees, as well as the number of officials who will meet the conditions for retirement.

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