Stevo Muk in Vijesti’s TV show ’’Načisto’’

Watch a full video of Petar Komnenić’s TV show ’’Načisto’’ broadcasted on TV Vijesti, featuring Stevo Muk, president of the Managing Board at Institute Alternative. Remarks published in the European Commission’s non-paper concerning chapters 23 and 24 were discussed, focusing on judiciary.

Beside Stevo, guests of the show aired on 21 November 2019 were Ana Perović Vojinović, member of the Judicial Council, Ranko Krivokapić, SDP’s member of the Parliament of Montenegro and Velimir Rakočević, member of the Prosecutorial Council.

Muk believes that the European Commission’s working paper on Chapters 23 and 24 contains almost similar or the same assessments as previous reports of the EC recognised, adding that now in some areas these grades more directly indicate some new issues and challenges that appeared as problematic.

’’It seems to me that everything that NGOs, ie critically oriented part of NGOs and public have been saying for the past six months or a year, has been recognised and written down by people of the European Commission in this document’’, said Muk.

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