Stevo Muk applied for membership in the Prosecutorial Council

Stevo Muk, President of the Managing Board at Institute Alternative, submitted an application for membership in the Prosecutorial Council, following the public call issued by the Parliament of Montenegro in accordance with the  Law on State Prosecution.

“We have been pointing out for years that the state prosecution is the key for fighting organised crime and corruption, that it is captured and as such is most responsible for the state capturing. New law also gives non-governmental organisations the opportunity to contribute to the work of the Prosecutorial Council and the reforms of the prosecution, its “decapturing” and a more efficient fight against corruption and organised crime. Those were the reasons for applying for the position of member in the Prosecutorial Council. I believe that years of experience in analysing the work of state prosecution recommend me for this position. I am grateful for the support of a group of reputable non-governmental organisations“ – stated Stevo Muk in a statement for the media regarding his candidacy for membership.

His candidacy is supported by seven recognisable and reputable non-governmental organisations with experience in the rule of law area, monitoring of the work of the prosecution and fight against corruption and organised crime. Muk is supported by the following organisations: Human Rights Action, Network for Affirmation of NGO Sector – MANS, Center for Civil Liberties, Politikon Network, Center for Investigative Journalism of Montenegro, ADAMAS and Institute Alternative.

Stevo Muk graduated at the Law Faculty (University of Montenegro) in 1998. He completed postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences, as a Master in Political Science. He is one of the founders of the Institute alternative, and has been the President of IA’s Managing Board since 2007.

He worked with Swedish Institute for Public Administration (SIPU) in regional TACSO project.

He was founder of Center for Development of Non-governmental organisations CRNVO  and its Executive Director from 1999 till 2007. He worked as a project officer for Civil Society, Media and Roma at the Open Foundation Society Montenegro (2001).

As a consultant he worked with OECD, SIGMA, World Bank,  Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), Friedrich Ebert Foundation, The Heinrich Böll Foundation, RESPA.

Since January 2021, Muk is a member of the National Council for the Fight against High-level Corruption. He was also a member of the Council for Public Administration Reform, Council for Cooperation between State Administration Bodies and Non-governmental Organisations, as well as member of the Ministry of Justice Advisory Council for Public administration reform.

From 2019  till 2021, he was a member of the Working group for the Negotiation Chapter 24 – Justice, Freedom and Security.  He also participated in a work of numerous working groups for drafting laws and strategic documents.

He participated in the Working Group for drafting the Law on the Special State Prosecutor’s Office, in the preparation of Institute Alternative’s comments on the draft laws on the state prosecution, as well as in the preparation of the Draft Law on Criminal Procedure. He participated in the preparation of proposals for the development of the Action Plan for Chapter 23 – Judiciary and Fundamental Rights (2012 and 2015).

As a project associate he participated in the World Bank’s projects „Human Resources Management in Judiciary“ and „Functional Revision of the Judiciary in Montenegro“ in 2018.

He is co-autor of the analysis “New Government and Fight Against Corruption and Organised Crime: What Should be Done in Prosecution and Police?” (Institute Alternative, 2020). He is editor and co-autor of the analysis “The institutional Framework for the Investigations of Corruption and Organised Crime – Comparative models” (Institute Alternative, November 2013).

He is editor of the following analyses: „Cooperation Between Police and Prosecution: Stories of prosecutors, police officers and judges”(Institute Alternative, 2014), “Audit Finding Evidence and Indication: Cooperation between the State Audit Institution and Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office in Montenegro” (Institute Alternative, 2016), “Fulfilling the Form or Substance? – Content Analysis of the Annual Performance Reports of the State Prosecutor’s Office and the Police Administration”(Institute Alternative, 2012) and “Montenegro and negotiations in the Chapter 23 – Judiciary and fundamental rights” (Institute Alternative,2012).

He participated in the coordination and implementation of the regional projects Merlin and Bencher. Within those two projects, benchmarks set in the negotiation process in the field of justice were analysed. He also coordinated and participated in the project “Prosecutorial Investigation in the Western Balkans”, which was implemented in cooperation with the Association of Prosecutors of Serbia.

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