State of Security and Dismissal of Managers

Commentary of our researcher Dina Bajramspahić on announcements of the National Security Council, state of security and dismissal of managers for ND Vijesti

State of security is more that worrying. It is especially important to emphasise that murders that are happening are only a visible part of „commotion“ which happens underground and that is most obvious and major consequence of numerous illegal activities that are happening in the background.

Although we from IA many times announced that it is good that Police operate actively and puts pressure on criminal groups with frequent searches, confiscating weapons and narcotics; also, we emphasised many times that it is, however, crucial to initiate financial investigation and stop cash flow for financing illegal activities, including money which hired murders are paid with. Until there is no progress made on that plan, criminal groups will be consolidated and attract new members with money, so we should not be naive and hope for the war to be ended by itself.

Amid the clan wars, National Security Council has „original“ proposal to form new special teams, although there were some until now. In the announcement is not cited not even a word on what the problem is with existing Special team, nor how existing ad hoc teams for investigation are functioning, as legislature allowed that possibility until now, even without initiative of the Council. That are the reasons why this proposal seems as distraction of the public in electoral campaign and new illusion that something is being conducted. Montenegro is already five years in negotiations with the EU during which is every day repeated that we have to show results in fight against organised crime. On that Council answers with short term solutions which will not have any effects because they are not based on fundamental analysis of the problems which state authorities are faced with in detection and processing of organised crime. In other words, they are just buying time with this and the problem is delayed for the future.

The same situation is with the problem of „cooperation“ of the Police and the Prosecution. Minister of the Interior has repeated in many of his statements during last couple of days that it is necessary „more impactful and even stronger action of the prosecution and judiciary…“ (cited from the announcement of Public Relations Service of the Government of Montenegro With this is continued multiannual practice of shifting accountability from one to the others. However, none of these authorities are interested in taking concrete action on solving this problem. The problem is being pushed under the carpet and emphasised only when public officials are forced under pressure to indicate at least on some reason for this woeful state in fight against organised crime. IA published two analysis on this subject, in 2014 and 2017 and we are very sad that this is a topic again in April 2018.

And human resources policy of the MI is seen as a bad strategy for buying time, with frequent dismissal and constant rotation of staff in circle and without significant analysis about where were the problems. I hope that new head of administrations will be appointed along detailed rationale and based on merits that will be publicly announced.

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