Security clearance procedures in the Police

Security obstacles for further work were determined for 16 police officers.


The Commission for Checking Security Obstacles of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has determined this since its formation on May 10, 2022.

According to the Law on Internal Affairs, security obstacles for further work in the police profession exist if an individual:

  • Maintains connections with members of organized criminal groups, terrorists, and individuals who unlawfully collect data or are suspected to belong to such groups or if he or she is registered as a user of narcotics.

The Commission cannot act on its initiative, since checks can only be initiated upon the request of the immediate supervisor of police officers. In the first year of operation until May 2023, the Commission received only 3 requests, while in the second half of the year, the number increased. The total number of review requests was 23, as of November 10, 2023. Out of the 23 initiated proceedings, the Commission has so far prepared 16 reports with an opinion on the existence of security obstacles for further work in the police profession, according to data provided through requests for free access to information.

The existence of security obstacles for further work in the police profession constitutes a serious violation of the official duties of police officers, based on which a disciplinary proceeding can be initiated. IA will continue to monitor these proceedings until the outcome and observe the impact of the identified security obstacles.

The Commission submits reports with opinions on the existence of security obstacles to the minister within 30 days of conducting the checks. In addition to the minister, these reports are also submitted to the Committee on Security and Defense for information.

Immediate supervisors have submitted requests for the review of police officers from the following organizational units:

  • Security Department Kotor: 4 individuals;
  • Security Department Podgorica: 6 individuals;
  • Security Department Bijelo Polje: 1 individual;
  • Sector for Combating Crime: 4 individuals;
  • Sector for Special Purposes: 2 individuals;
  • Department for the Coordination of Police and Related Activities: 1 individual;
  • Border Police Sector: 5 individuals.

In addition to checking security obstacles for already active police officers, this Commission is also responsible for conducting checks for those who are yet to enter the police system. The Commission performs checks when establishing an employment relationship in a police profession, hiring interns, admission to basic or higher police education, as well as for the continuation of internship, training, or professional development.


Dragana Jaćimović

Public Policy Researcher


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