Results of a public opinion survey on perception of citizens on police integrity in Montenegro and in the region

Yesterday, on Wednesday 22 July, in four capitals in the region, Podgorica, Belgrade, Sarajevo and Pristina, were presented the results of a survey on the integrity of police, made according to the same methodology in order to be comparable.

The Surveys, for purposes of our network POINTPULSE, was conducted by Ipsos Strategic Marketing, according to the same methodology for all countries.

This activity is part of our three – year regional project, which aims to contribute to the transformation of the police in the Balkans into the professional police service that enjoys the trust and respect of its citizens. Public opinion survey should serve only as one of the indicators of the state in the police – the map of visible problems from the perspective of the citizens – and we hope it will be a good basis for further discussion.

In the following period, the Institute alternative will continue to illuminate the other aspects of police integrity, in cooperation with our regional partners, but also with the stakeholders in our country, especially when it comes to the quality of the oversight of the police, financial management in the police, human resources management, police management and transparency.

We are also interested in analysing the causes of undermined integrity of a certain number of police officers and how they are being manifested, but also how to facilitate the implementation of the highest professional standards and to encourage the police to significant results.

Bearing in mind the importance of further reform of the police, with four partner organizations from the region we have formed a network and started, at the beginning of the year, a new project Western Balkans Pulse For Police Integrity and Trust (POINTPULSE), funded by the European Union.

The leading organization in the regional network is The Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP), while the other partners are: BIRN Serbia, the Centre for Security Studies from Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the Kosovo Center for Security Studies.

The results of the research can be downloaded on the following links:

Presentation of research results for Montenegro

Presentation of research results for the region

Here you can find the presentation of research results from yesterday’s press conference:

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