Reaction: Attack on the independent daily newspaper “Vijesti”

In the context of the latest in the series of attacks, Institute Alternative hereby expresses sincere solidarity with the Editorial Board, journalists and employees of the daily newspaper “Vijesti”.

We express our concern that the message of the latest attack is that the next time the attackers will be even more fierce and ruthless and will brutally and directly endanger lives of people.

We encourage the Government to provide police protection and security of premises of the daily newspaper “Vijesti”. Journalists cannot and should not work in conditions that resemble reporting from the front lines.

We call for the widest support and solidarity of all free people. Violence must be condemned and stopped. The victims of this and previous attacks are not only specific people, but all Montenegrin citizens and their freedoms.

The Minister of Interior must set a deadline for delivering results of investigation of the latest attack. If the investigation does not yield results as soon as possible, those in charge must resign or be dismissed. This refers primarily to the Police Administration Director, and then to the Minister of Interior.

If there are reasons for the failure of previous investigations, the public has the right to be informed about those reasons, particularly when it comes to internal obstructions within Police, Prosecution and National Security Agency.

We invite the Prime Minister to terminate the campaign against critics of the regime run by the state and their associated media.

The Prime Minister Milo Djukanović bears tremendous responsibility for the continuation of attacks. Djukanović’s political responsibility is the greatest considering that for years now he failed to bring the attackers on journalists to justice, while at the same time encouraged confrontations and antagonism towards the independent media.

Stevo Muk
President of the Managing Board

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