Public Should Know why the Head of National Security Agency Resigned

It is very irresponsible that the citizens are not informed about reasons for resignation or replacement of Boro Vučinić, but also that the Defense and Security Council has not contributed to resolving this issue. Instead, unfortunately, the concerning assumptions about the reasons for resignation which bring mistrust and insecurity among citizens continue to multiply, particularly when the resignations of directors become a practice at the National Security Agency. I hope that the Security and Defense Committee, which also announced dealing with this issue, will achieve to reach more answers.

At the same time, former Acting Chief State Prosecutor publicly expressed very serious accusations against National Security Agency, reducing their work to „hearsay“ data without any foundation, thus openly expressing lack of confidence to their work.

The question arises if the State Prosecutor’s Office is aware that the state allocates significant resources for the work of the Agency, that the representatives of the state authorities claim that the Agency is reformed and that their work is in accordance with the highest standards in this area, and finally, that the citizens pass through the same security checks against which the prosecutors rebelled about. For example, for the purposes of obtaining citizenship, of which many other rights depend on, and especially their right to work. It would be good to additionally explain to the citizens the lack of confidence of the State Prosecutor’s Office towards National Security Agency .

Security check is a standard for Special Prosecution and the goal is to ensure a high level of integrity of the prosecutors whose competence includes the most sensitive cases, but also to reduce the space for corruption and „data leakage“.

In order to reduce the space for abuses by the National Security Agency, Institute Alternative has suggested, in the case of negative opinion of the Agency, to provide possibility of insight into the collected materials on the basis of which the opinion was given and the possibility for individuals to declare above these contentions, and other possibilities of legal remedy such as complaint and claim, and thus institutionally challenge potential abuses.

Dina Bajramspahić
Public Policy Researcher

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