Public Policies

This collection of papers is a result of the work of “Public policy school”. Within this Collection, five authors analyze the term and the key elements of the public policy, from five different perspectives. The second part of this collection of papers integrally contains the analysis “Policy making review – Montenegro” prepared by SIGMA during the 2013, for which the Institute alternative has collected information.

The six–month long intensive program for acquisition of knowledge and skills in the field of public policy is being realized since 2012 with the aim to contribute to the quality development of public policy in Montenegro by strengthening the capacity of stakeholders in policy development as well as to raise the level of understanding of the public policy development among key actors, but also to strengthen communication and cooperation among participants from various sectors, institutions and organizations.

Within five modules, the participants of the Public policy school have the opportunity to learn about term, actors, instruments, methods of research and the content of sector policies. So far, the programme of Public Policy School was attended by 80 participants, among which the largest number of persons employed in state administration and a smaller number of employees in local government, trade union organizations, the media, the activists of NGOs as well as the best undergraduate and postgraduate students.

In order to additionally contribute to the study of public policy in Montenegro and to facilitate the preparation for the future attendees, we have decided to collect key lectures in a unique collection of papers. The preparing and publishing of this collection of papers is supported by the Commission for the Allocation of Revenue from Gambling.

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