Press release: State authorities should publish lists of their employees

More than two thirds of state authorities breached their legal obligation and didn’t publish the lists of civil servants and state employees at the Internet what negatively affects transparency of public administration work.
Out of 52 authorities, defined by the Decree on the organization and manner of work of state administration, including the authorities within the ministries, only 15 of them publish the lists of civil servants and state employees at their Internet presentations, Institute Alternative (IA) determined by using the advanced search of these pages.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Ministry of Defense, Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Agency for Environmental Protection, State Archives, Bureau for Intellectual Property, Bureau for Education, Legislative Secretariat, Agency for Tobacco, Tax Administration, Human Resources Management Authority, and Directorate For Anti-Corruption Initiative published the names and surnames of their employees at their websites.

Small number of authorities which ensured the public insight into this information demonstrate the disrespect for provisions of the Law on Free Access to Information, which entered into force in February this year.

Article 12 of this Law prescribes, among other things, that the state authority is required to publish at its web page the list of civil servants and state employees with their titles.

Consistent implementation of these legal solutions would significantly improve the work of state institutions.

It would also enhance the professionalization of state administration, by ensuring the easier monitoring of the implementation of the Law on Civil Servants and State Employees, which is expected to put an end to the politicization and nepotism during the recruitment and promotion in state authorities.

In other words, if the state authorities regularly updated the lists of its employees, it would be easier to obtain the information about filling the vacancies in state authorities and about the number of civil servants and state employees.

The IA thus urges all the state authorities to fulfill their obligations and regularly update the lists of its employees.

Milena Milošević
Policy Analyst

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