Press release regarding the breakup of the protest

IA calls upon authorities competent for the oversight of the police work to urgently engage in the control of the police activities during the breakup of the protest

This morning, the police has used force to break up the protest of citizens organized in front of the building of the Parliament of Montenegro organized by the Democratic Front

We express our concerns regarding each excessive, unjustified and unlawful use of force and we demand answers whether the organizers of the protests have been addressed with the official statement on the termination of the protests was before the action took place.

Furthermore, we appeal to the Parliamentary Committee on Security and Defense to urgently convene the control hearing of both Minister of Interior and Police Director in order to determine circumstances of police actions that took place this morning.

IA strongly condemns any kind of violence used against MPs, journalists and citizens. We are especially concerned about the removal of journalists from the scene, banning them from recording and threats against journalists, which are extremely undemocratic practices which limit the media freedom and work of journalists.

The Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms should, in accordance with his competences, urgently conduct a control regarding the procedures applied towards persons arrested and determine whether any subsequent use of force has happened in the police premises.

The Department of Internal Control should urgently and impartially investigate the behaviour of each police officer and issue the official report.

We invite all actors to exercise their rights in accordance with the Constitution and laws, including the freedom of association and assemble as well as to respond in an appropriate and peaceful manner to the situation.

We insist on establishing the responsibility without any exception and sanctioning each unlawful act by any official, from highest to lowest ranking in the hierarchy.

Competent institution have the responsibility to respond whether the acting under the veil of the law enforcement has grown into the politically charged actions.

Stevo MUK
President of the Managing board

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