Press release: Parliament must be more active in the negotiations

The agreement between the Parliament and the Government should as soon as possible define the importance of continuous dialogue and coordinated action of the two branches of power in the negotiations on Montenegro’s membership in the European Union.

Since defining the Parliament’s role in the European integration process was delayed for two years, and in this regard, working group within the parliament has been working for some time now without any progress on defining the Resolution, so this obligation became even higher priority. Resolution must precisely determine role of the Committee on European integration towards informing the public about the European integration process; gathering of civil society organizations, interest groups, and representatives of all branches of power related to issuing guidelines for progress in the negotiations and consensus on important issues regarding this process; follow up of the Government’s Communication Strategy implementation.

In addition to the Committee on European Integration, important role of other committees in the negotiation process, shouldn’t be forgotten (seven committees involved in the process of checking the conformity of national legislation with the EU acquis). Therefore, parliamentary committees that showed interest should be enabled to consider negotiating positions and discuss important issues in the negotiations process.

Finally, monitoring of the Government’s activities can be strengthened by Committee’s quarterly reports on the action plans implementation and negotiation progress. As a reminder, this practice existed when considering the (monthly) reports on the implementation of the Action Plan for Monitoring Implementation of Recommendations from the European Commission.

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