Our suggestions for this year’s agenda of the Committee for economy, budget and finance

Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget is currently formulating its agenda for 2013. year. The competencies of this Committee intertwine with our work in the research area Public finance. We addressed the Chair of the Committee with a set of proposals and suggestions that we believe should be included in the this year’s Agenda:

Consultative hearing on the implementation of public procurement procedures;
Consultative hearing in connection with preparation / adoption of the legal framework regulating concessions and public-private partnerships;
Presentation of guidelines for effective parliamentary oversight of public procurement in the framework of IA’s project “Strengthening parliamentary control of the public procurement”;
Review of Government’s quarterly reports on fulfilling the obligations from the Action Plan for implementation of recommendations of the State Audit Institution;
Consideration of the report on the work of the State Audit Institution at a special session and separately from the audit report on the final account of the budget;
Work on the Protocol of Cooperation between the State Audit Institution and the Parliament, in accordance with the SAI’s Strategic Development Plan SAI (Possibly, by holding a consultative hearing);
Consultative hearing on “Constitutional and legal framework of SAI’s financial independence”;
Consultative hearing on implementation of internal financial control in the public sector (PIFC) and opportunities for greater involvement of the Parliament in overseeing this process.

We hope that some of these proposals will make their way to the 2013 Agenda of the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget.

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