Our engagement in working groups

Four representatives of IA are members of the working groups for preparation of bills and analytical documents of key importance for securing improvements in the field of administrative inspections, public procurement, internal police oversight and state audit.

Following research and analytical work and publication of our findings, we are actively working on advocating recommendations for achieving improvements within our program areas. With the aim of ensuring that as many of our recommendations become part of public policies, in accordance with the Procedure for Exercising Cooperation between State Administration Bodies and Nongovernmental Organizations (Official Gazette of Montenegro no. 7/12), and following a public call issued by the state authorities, we have demonstrated interest in contributing to the work of working groups whose mandate relates to the matters that are subject of our work.

Program area “Public Administration”, sub-area: Administrative Inspection:

  • For a member of the working group for drafting the Bill on Administrative Inspection has been appointed Stevo Muk, President of the Managing Board of IA;

Program area “Public Finance”, sub-area: Public Procurement:

  • For a member of the working group for developing risk analysis methodologies in exercising control with the aim of pro-active action in prevention and early detection of acts of corruption in public procurement has been appointed Jovana Marović, PhD, Research Coordinator at IA;

Program area “Public Finance”, sub-area: State Audit:

  • For a member of the working group for drafting Amendments to the Law on the State Audit Institution has been appointed Marko Sošić, Public Policy Researcher at IA;

Program area “Security and Defense”, sub-area: Internal Police Oversight:

  • For a member of the working group for preparation of an analysis containing an overview of implemented mechanisms of internal oversight, as well as available structures and administrative capacities of Police Administration, Department of Public Revenues and Customs Administration has been appointed Dina Bajramspahić, Public Policy Researcher at IA.

Institute Alternative was the only organization that applied at a public call for appointment of a representative from non-governmental sector. Additionally, IA has its representatives in the Working Group for Chapter 23 – Judiciary and Fundamental Rights (Jovana Marović, PhD), and in the Working Group for Chapter 32 – Financial Control (Marko Sošić).

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