(No) Freedom to Choose

Stevo MukIt is time for people to make decisions from which they will benefit in the long run. Relatively small and short-term benefits which are often attractive to the part of the ruling party voters, causes more damage than good in the long run. Extravagance, incompetence, corruption, nepotism, violations of the law, organized and unorganized crime, abuses, are the key reasons for the economy collapse and poverty. These are permanent characteristics of the state and society that never had democratic shift of power.

Recordings and documents published recently show the network of state- party officials, activists, policemen, informers, those who control people’s money, personal data, polling evidence, identification cards, election commissions, local communities and all the resources ensuring further rule

Recordings and documents published recently show that open claims of a number of opposition political parties and NGOs openly and the shy ones of the international organizations are true. Evidences are now available to: international organizations, embassies, ambassadors, friends of Montenegro, Djukanovic’s friends, all those who were impressed, amazed, who encouraged and advised…

Montenegrin people now have the right to ask the European Union whether it is on the side of democracy and freedom of choice or on the side of one party. With strong and unequivocal demand for effective and comprehensive investigation on “transcripts affair”, the European Union would send a clear message that it is on the side of Montenegrin people. Montenegrins now have the right to form their decision about the country’s European integration according to the EU’s response to the affair.

Hiding behind an alleged lack of evidence is not an option anymore. These evidences are foundation for a broad and comprehensive investigation. The evidences are clear for all but the Supreme State Prosecutor. She is busy coordinating the action against unsuitable NGOs, so there’s no time left to effectively investigate abuses of free, democratic election.

I guess it is clear to all that this will not last forever. Everything has a beginning and an end. Every day we are getting closer to the moment when the monopoly of one party will become a political history. For Djukanovic, it will not be enough to rely solely on good fortune, especially because there is not much money in the bag – in that bag over there for those who are looking forward to every new election. In that bag there is not enough even for the regular payments of the civil servants.

Because of this, the DPS leader has to choose between radicalization and liberalization, intensification and expansion of freedom. If he chooses the first option, he will reign long but his political end would be very uncertain and dangerous. If he decides to spread freedom, then he will give up the monopoly of power and prepare for at least one term in the opposition benches. Meanwhile, the traditional government and president from the opposition could help create the conditions for the process of democratic transition completion. Therefore, if Miodrag Lekic wins the election, it could turn out more significant and ultimately more useful for Djukanovic and his future political path, than continuation of insatiable desire for complete domination.

Djukanovic’s coalition partners, especially SDP, and the Bosniak Party could help him to choose the right political path. These parties should have in mind that the DPS mechanisms will turn on them first time around. It is therefore important for them to condemn the findings of the “transcripts affair”, instead of calling them an incident and turning their heads away. Lekic’s victory in the election could only strengthen their political position, allow them to remain dignified, and call things by their real name.

Stevo Muk

President of the Managing Board

The article was originally published in the “Forum” section of newspapers “Vijesti”

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