“My Town About My Money” on the Radio of Montenegro

Presentation of the key findings on openness of local budgets from new Institute Alternative report, “My Town About My Money” was special topic for the show “Mozaik” on the Radio of Montenegro. Beside presenting our findings on quality of the reporting to the public and availability of municipal budgetary documents, this report also launched a wider discussion on importance of proactive publishing of information on public finance and citizen inclusion regarding the issues that are directly related to them. Special emphasis was on the provisions of new Law on Local Government Financing, which brought important new obligations for municipalities regarding budgetary transparency.

Milena Muk, public policy researcher in Institute Alternative, Snežana Mugoša, general director of Directorate for Local Self-Government and State-owned companies in Ministry of Finance spoke for the show with editor of the show, Gorica Vukčević, RTCG.

You can listen the record of the radio show “Mozaik” in the attachment.

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