Memorandum of Cooperation signed with the State Prosecutor’s Office

Stevo Muk, the President of the Managing board of the Institute Alternative and Ivica Stanković, the Chief State Prosecutor have signed the Memorandum of Cooperation between Institute Alternative and State Prosecutor’s Office today.

The objective of the Memorandum is to formalize the existing cooperation and to lay ground for future joint work on the improvement of the conditions in the area of criminal justice.

Signing of this Memorandum for IA represents only a new step in our two-year intensive work with institutional framework for the fight against the corruption and organized criminal.

We will mention only few of our activities:

  • In year 2013, we have prepared the comprehensive study of comparative models of the institutional framework of five countries on emphasis on Special Public Prosecutor’s Offices for the fight against the corruption and organized crime;
  • Based on the conclusion of the study we have participated in the Working group for the preparation of Law on Special Prosecutor’s Office in the beginning of 2014, where we advocated for the recommendations for reforms that we obtained researching the advantages and disadvantages of different models;
  • Then, within the public discussion held in September last year, we have submitted our comments on the Draft Law on Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, Draft Law on Public Prosecution and Draft Law on Criminal procedure;
  • We have also analyzed problems in cooperation between Police and Prosecutor’s Office and published our research on concrete obstacles to more efficient work on the cases of these two state bodies, analysis of their program budgets and the analysis of the contents of their annual reports on their work;
  • In November last year we have delivered to the Chief State Prosecutor our initiative for introducing the practice of proactive publishing of the confirmed indictments, and in the meantime State Prosecutor’s Office has started to publish on their portal short announcements about it. Throughout the month, we have also pointed out possible benefits and harms of the announced general (re)election of the state prosecutors and proposed the opening of the public discussion on this important matter;
  • In January of the current year, we have actively contributed to the Parliament and competent working bodies on consideration of the key legislation to reform the Prosecutor’s Office by submitting comments, proposals and suggestions for improving the Draft Law on State Prosecutor’s Office and the Draft Law on Special Public Prosecutor’s Office. The significant number of our suggestions on these Drafts has been adopted.

Memorandum can be found here (only in Montenegrin)

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