Lectures within the Second module of Public Policy School held

Lectures within the Second module of Public Policy School were held on Friday and Saturday, 11 and 12 November 2016. Dr Jovana Marović talked about “Public Policy Analysis“.

During the two-days-lecture, the participants had an opportunity to get acquainted with different forms of public policy analysis, the criteria for research question formulation, the design of research, as well as quantitative and qualitative methods of public policy research. By participating in a set of individual and group exercises, the School participants had the opportunity to get an insight into the basic terms and concepts of public policies.

Namely, within a group exercise, the participants worked on research questions formulation and making hypotheses by using concrete examples. This was followed by determining of the most important indicators, as well as mapping of primary and secondary data sources. The third exercise, also done in groups, comprised identification of the main issues that can occur during the research process. During the fourth exercise which dealt with goal setting, the primary goal that was envisaged as the solution to the main problem of a certain public policy, as well as the advocacy of the defined solution were defined. In this manner, the participants applied the main aspects of public policy analysis to practical examples and thus round-up the theoretical aspect of the lectures that dealt with determining research frameworks, data collection methods, problems and goals analysis, as well as the research plan and monitoring of public policy implementation.

The project Public Policy School – V generation is implemented with the support of the Commission for Allocation of Funds from Games of Chance and Think Tank Fund – Open Society Foundation. The School is licensed as an official program for the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the field of public policy by the National Council for Education of Montenegro.

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