Lecture of Jovana Marović held

A two-hour lecture held by Jovana Marović, PhD, Research Coordinator at Institute Alternative, was organized within the framework of Public Policy School, on June 3, 2014. The lecture encompassed two important topics:

  • The role of state and non-state actors in the policy making process at the EU level,
  • The role of think tanks in the public policy making.

The lecturer spoke about the supremacy of the EU law and reminded that 80% of the Member States’ legislation is adopted in Brussels. She presented the historical review and the development phases of the legislative procedures in the EU, from the basic procedures to the Lisbon reforms. Multi-level governance involves multiple centers of power in the EU and constant negotiations between Member States in the decision-making process. In addressing the stakeholders at the EU level, special attention was given to the analysis of political parties in the European Parliament, civil society and citizens.

The School participants were particularly interested in the issues related to think tank organizations, given the lack of knowledge about this type of organization in Montenegro. Therefore, types of activities of these organizations, their history, the challenges in their work, the role of these organizations in policy making, as well as the situation in Montenegro, were thoroughly discussed.

In the final part of the lecture, participants conducted group work with the following tasks: recognizing problems, providing explanations of the context, proposing options for a solution, conducting impact assessment of options and proposed solutions.

Public Policy School is the project supported by the Commission for Allocation of Revenue from Games of Chance and implemented by Institute Alternative (IA) in collaboration with Centre for Research and Monitoring (CeMI).

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