Introductory session within the Third Public Policy School

By signing the School Attendance Contracts between the participants and Institute Alternative, the Third Generation of Public Policy School has commenced.

Introductory session with the participants of the Third Generation of Public Policy School was held on March 24th, 2014, at the premises of PR Center.

Out of 90 received applications, a three-party Commission elected the 20 best candidates that will participate in this year’s program. Presenting the idea behind the project, the program, and the results of its implementation so far, the School was opened by:

  • Mr Stevo Muk, President of the Managing Board of Institute Alternative (IA),
  • Mr Zlatko Vujović, President of the Managing Board of Centre for Research and Monitoring (CeMI).

The goal of the Public Policy School and the planned method of its realization were also discussed at the introductory session. Bearing in mind that the formal education system does not provide sufficient knowledge and skills in the area of policy studies, the main aim of this School is to contribute to their quality development through strengthening the capacities and knowledge of stakeholders on stages and actors of policy making cycle. In addition, the School offers an opportunity to strengthen communication and cooperation among participants from various sectors, institutions and organizations.

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