Institutions already showing weaknesses

On occasion of prevention of the execution of work tasks and physical attack on the editor and photographer of daily newspaper Vijesti

We are concerned with the hasty statement of the Head of the Police Directorate who did not wait for the final report form the Internal control, but informed the public that the behavior of the police officers during the physical attack on the editor and photographer Daily Newspaper Vijesti was extremely professional and consistent with the law.

We remind that yesterday we have requested information from the Department for Internal Control and the Application of the Authorities of the Police Directorate have the police officers during the processing of this incident failed to apply all necessary legal measures and action in order to eventually try and facilitate misdemeanor and criminal responsibility of some of the attackers.

In this way, the final decision of the Department for Internal Control is prejudiced and the whole system of control over the police in Montenegro and monitoring of the application of police authorities is annulled.

We have sent a request to the director of the Clinical Center of Montenegro (KCCG) prim. Dr. Olivera Miljanović to check whether the doctors and other staff have had a highly professional approach towards the injured, or have they stepped back before the authority and the power of the Mayor Miomir Mugoša, like the police officers. The answer followed and we were informed that the injured journalists Jovović and Pejović were received and examined according to all medical policies and doctrine. As the answer came almost less than half an hour after our request was formally sent and submitted to the archives KCCG, an objective question rises – how could all the checks and controls be done in such short notice and without contacting persons involved in this case.

From Minister of Foreign Affairs we requested that Miljan Mugoša should be withdrawn from the office until the criminal and other proceedings are over, with the expectation to take all measures and actions in order to establish responsibility for violation of norms and rules required for professional and personal behavior of the diplomatic representatives of Montenegro.

Stevo Muk

President of the Managing Board of Institute Alternative

Daliborka Uljarević

Executive Director of the Center for Civic Education

Mr Aleksandar Saša Zeković

Human rights violation researcher

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