Infographic: What have the MPs done with the budget for 2015

The Budget Proposal for 2015 has been submitted to the Parliament earlier than ever before, thanks to the amendments on the Systemic and Organic Law on the Budget and budget calendar. We have been researching if more time spent on reviewing the budget has affected the intensity of MP’s activity and how different is the budget that MPs have adopted from the one that the Government has delivered as a Proposal.

On the Budget Proposal for 2015 total amount of 70 amendments have been submitted. Total amount of funds that was wanted to be reallocated by those amendments amounts around 68 million euro, or more than 10% of current budget. Only 18 amendments out of 70 have been adopted, among them only one opposition’s amendment, with the least amount of reallocation of funds out of 70 proposed amendments (€ 8,400).

Almost every parliamentary Committee have considered the Budget Proposal for 2015. They have submitted their own vision of the Budget in almost identical form which contains the recommendation to adopt the budget, with a few exceptions, mostly by shifting the responsibility for the amending at the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget.

The Institute alternative has researched the impact that the Parliament had on the budget at the phase of its adoption, with the critical review of the manner of conducting amending and discussing at the Committees. Some of the key findings about to whom have the MPs reduced or increased the budget, what new has been adopted and how the discussion in the Committees have been developing look at the infographic we have prepared.

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