IA to hold a round table on mapping the social services

In order to present the Draft version of the research report “Mapping the services of social protection in Montenegro”, Institute Alternative will organize a round table On October 10 in Podgorica, in the premises of the PR Center.

Goals of the research were:

  • To determine availability of the community based services in local governments;
  • To determine (sub)types of services (according to the Law on Social and Child Protection) and structure of social service providers;
  • To create an available catalog (map) of community based services for every local government in Montenegro;
  • To recommend and re-direct future activities of all relevant social actors at national and local levels in order to improve development of social services network and enhance their availability for beneficiaries.

Round table will start with panel-discussion. Panelists panel will be from local governments which started implementing local plans for social inclusion enhancement. They will present current situation, progress and challenges in community based services development. Panelists are:

  • Ms Zlata Lukac, Director of the Center for Social Work for municipalities Bijelo Polje and Mojkovac and Coordinator of the working group for implementation of the Local Plan for development of social services- enhancement of social inclusion in the Municipality of Bijelo Polje
  • Ms Tatjana Perovic, Head of the Department for social, child and health care in the Secretariat for culture, youth, sport and social welfare in the Municipality of Niksic
  • Ms Snezana Mijuskovic, Head of the Secretariat for social welfare in the Capital city- Podgorica
  • Ms Marta Andjelic, President of the NGO Adria in Municipality of Bar

Dragana Radovic, project coordinator and author of the research report will present the draft of the report. Besides the research results, topic of the discussion will be the Law on Social and Child Protection (which came into force in June 2013), especially its provisions regulating social protection services, and also the obstacles of its development and possible solutions for improvement of services availability.

Research report is available here (draft version in Montenegrin)

Round table will be held on Thursday, October 10 at 10.00 am in PR Center (Boulevard of Josip Broz 23 A, Stari Aerodrom) in Podgorica.

For additional information please contact Dragana Radović, project coordinator on : dragana@institute-alternativa.org

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