IA researchers learned from Hungarian think tanks

Institute alternative public policy researchers, Ana Đurnić and Milica Ražnatović, visited think tank organizations in Budapest in order to exchange experiences and establish cooperation with organizations dealing with public policy research in Hungary.

Within the study visit, organized from 27 November to 2 December 2016, Institute Alternative researchers had the opportunity to meet with the researchers of think tanks in Budapest and discuss the state of play that characterize both Hungary and Montenegro, as well as the issues that they deal with in their research and barriers encountered during research.

During the visit, meetings were held with the researchers from Budapest Institute for Policy Analysis, K-Monitor, Corruption Research Centre, Government Transparency Institute and Átlátszó Centre for Investigative Reporting. Ana and Milica talked with the researchers of these organizations about their ongoing projects related to budget policy, budget transparency at the local level, public procurement, fight against corruption, as well as their efforts to increase transparency and accountability of public administration in Hungary.

This visit was an excellent opportunity to introduce our activities aimed at strengthening the democratic process and good governance in Montenegro through research and policy analysis, as well as the monitoring of public administration.

We discussed research methods, working methods and cooperation with public administration authorities with the researchers of the think tanks we visited. The visit also provided us with the opportunity to identify problems and issues of common interest for the two countries, which would in future open room for cooperation and joint projects.

The study visit was organized within the project Towards sustainable policy influence (Institutional Grant), supported by the Open Society Foundation Think Tank Fund.

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