IA representative in the Working group for preparing an analysis of the Law on Free Access to Information

RTI-right-to-know-580x333Representative of the Institute Alternative is participating in the Working Group tasked with developing the analysis of the Law on Free Access to Information. Preparation of analysis is the obligations under the Action Plan for Chapter 23 – Judiciary and Fundamental Rights, and the holder of this measure is the Agency for protection of personal data and free access to information.

Bearing in mind that the Law is one of the most important instruments for the work of NGOs, and also an important citizens’ right, we aim to contribute to solving the problems that arise in practice and help easier and faster access to information in possession of public authorities.

On the session of the Council from 2 September 2015, the Agency has adopted a decision on forming a Working Group, and has invited the interested public to submit suggestions and the problems they faced regarding this Law to the email address: azlp@t-com.me until 8 November this year.

All proposals will be discussed at the meetings of the Working Group and applicants will be informed in writing within five days from the consideration of the proposal at the meeting of the Working Group whether the proposal is accepted or not accepted, stating the reasons for the rejection.

Call for submitting proposals can be found here. (in Montenegrin only)

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