IA at a roundtable on ethics and fight against corruption

Jovana Marović and Milena Milošević participated in the roundtable “Ethics and Fight Against Corruption”, which was organized by Centre for Civic Education (CCE), with the support of the British Embassy.

Jovana spoke within the third panel, which was addressing the issues of ethics code of holders of executive power and the corruption risk management. Among other things, she discussed the application of the Code of Ethics of Civil Servants and State Employees, as well as the Code of Ethics of Local Civil Servants and Employees.

Other topics considered at the roundtable included the Code of Judicial Ethics, as well as the concept of parliamentary ethics. Panelists within these two topics were Branka Lakočević, Head of the Working Group for Chapter 23, as well as the representatives of the parliamentary groups of Democratic Party of Socialists, Democratic Front, Socialist People’s Party, Positive Montenegro and Social Democratic Party – Branka Tanasijević, Goran Danilović, Aleksandar Danilović, Mladen Bojanić and Rifat Rastoder.

“Member of the Working Group on Chapter 23 from Institute Alternative, Jovana Marović, said that the purpose of the ethics code was to affect the confidence of citizens, which was currently at a very low level. She said that, according to the latest research, 50 percent of the population had no confidence in the ministries, while that the same percentage believed that the authorities had been under political pressure.”

(source: internet portal Café del Montenegro)

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