How to Ensure the Implementation of Ethical Standards in the Public Administration?

At the press conference, which will take place in the PR Centre on Monday, 8 December, at 11am, we will present an analysis of the implementation of ethical standards in public administration, with an emphasis on the work of the Ethics Committee in charge of monitoring the implementation of the Ethics’ Code of state employees.

Considering the fact that this body is established for more than a year, we will point out the specific problem in its work and give recommendations for its improvement. Among other things, you will also have the chance to hear something about the number of meetings held, their key topics as well as number of opinions issued by the Ethical Committee.

Assistant Secretary General of Union of Municipalities of Montenegro, Ms Ljubinka Radulović will join the conference, speaking about application of ethical standards in municipalities. On behalf of Institute Alternative, Milena Milošević and Marko Sošić will attend the conference.

Project research is supported by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

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