Half of the Parliamentary committees have still not adopted annual work plan

Institute Alternative has been monitoring the work of the Parliament of Montenegro and its committees for years and, at the beginning of this year, we sent proposals for improving the work, where we insisted on active monitoring of the implementation of reports’ conclusions, of the public administration reform, budget, application of secret surveillance measures, and public enterprises reform.

However, in the middle of the spring session, with a third of the year behind us, half of the parliamentary committees still have not adopted the annual work plan for the current year. To be precise, seven committees have not adopted a work plan for 2024.

The work plan was not adopted by: the Legislative Committee, Committee for Political System, Judiciary and Administration, Committee for Economy, Finance and Budget, Committee for Gender Equality, Committee for Education, Science, Culture and Sports, Committee for Tourism, Agriculture, Ecology and Spatial Planning and Committee for Health, Work and Social welfare.

The committees that have adopted the work plan for 2024 are: Administrative Committee, Constitutional Committee, Committee for Security and Defense, Committee for International Relations and Emigrants, Committee for European Integration, Committee for Human Rights and Freedoms, and Committee for Anti-Corruption.

As before, we emphasise the importance of parliamentary committees in planning their work, in relation to the legal obligations and supervision they exercise over other institutions. Therefore, we appeal to the committees to adopt work plans in a timely manner.

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