Five stars for IA’s transparency

Institute Alternative (IA) is among the most transparent think tanks in the world, according to a survey conducted by an international non-profit organization Transparify.

In the report of this organization, published on May 7, IA received a five stars rating for transparency, together with the Centre for Research and Monitoring (CEMI) and the Centre for Democratic transition (CDT) and only 18 research centers more out of a total 169, which were covered by the study.

We thus placed ourselves among the prestigious think tanks such as Bruegel from Belgium and Overseas Development Institute from United Kingdom. Montenegro received the highest ranking among the total number of 47 countries surveyed.

„Transparify strongly believes that financial transparency boosts the credibility of a think tank’s research findings and policy recommendations, and is keen to see the leaders in the field receive the credit they deserve”, the letter of Till Bruckner, PhD, this organization’s advocacy manager, sent to Stevo Muk, president of the IA’s Managing Board, reads.

Think tanks covered by the report were ranked according to the level of transparency in presenting their funding sources..

Those organizations which received a five stars ranking enable citizens and the public to access clear and precise information about who funds them, with how much money and for which activities and projects. However, only a minority of 21 think tanks fulfils these criteria.

“Surprisingly, we found more highly transparent think tanks in Montenegro than in the entire United States”, reads the report’s summary, while the entire document is available here.

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