Equal Chances for All Media in Montenegro?

The research coordinator, Jovana Marović has participated in the project carried out by Centre for Civic Education „Equal opportunities for all media in Montenegro?“, which is supported by the Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany in Montenegro. Jovana researched the part of analysis which refers to procurement and media advertising of public administration. This part of the publication starts from the key challenges in the implementation of the Law on Public Procurement, as well as the model of financing media by the public administration. The focus is on issues of financing the media which fall under the scope of public procurement. Hence, the following issues have been identified as the most important:

  • Lack of implementation of “adequate” procedure, ie. the procedure stipulated in the Law of Public Procurement,
  • Avoiding of the open competition as well as the tender procedure – application of direct agreement (without public announcement), although the Law has limited the usage of this procedure in relation to the amount of purchases as well as in relation to the total percentage of application of this procedure,
  • Inadequate planning – Funds annually allocated for media services and advertising are not always specified in the plans of public procurement.

Jovana has also participated in presentation of key findings at the conference held on December 18th 2014, together with colleagues from Centre for Civic Education. The conference was opened by the Executive Director of CCE, Ms Daliborka Uljarević and the Ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany in Montenegro, H.E. Gudrun Elisabet Stainacker.

Chapter “Public procurement and media advertising of public administration” can be downloaded here (currently, in Montenegrin only)

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